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The Panalytical X-ray Facility at MSE-GATECH, located on the ground floor of the IPST building (room 135) houses three state of the art PANalytical X-Pert Pro x-ray diffractometers in it’s spacious laboratory. The three diffractometers include the rare Alpha-1 which has an incident beam Johannsson monochromator, the MPD which as two high temperature furnaces and a rapid, 15-sample sample changer, and lastly the MRD with a 4-circle goniometer, incident and diffracted beam multilayer optics, incident beam bartells monochromator, poly and monocapillary optics, and triple axis diffracted beam monochromator.
The functionality of the instruments is greatly multiplied by PANalytical’s revolutionary “PREFIX” optics system whereby instrument optics may be reconfigured with little more than a turn of a set screw, and an instrument may be changed from diverging beam optics to parallel beam optics in less than 5 minutes, while still being completely aligned. The extensive range of measurements that can be performed from these instruments range from phase identification, crystal structure refinement, diffraction peak profile analysis, thermal expansion analysis, unit cell refinement, quantitative analysis, high temperature diffraction, texture and pole figure analysis, residual stress analysis, rocking curve and reciprocal space mapping.

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